[PM] Hi, Queen. I was just thinking of you. I miss you.

[PM] Hello, hello, doll. That’s sweet of you. I miss you too. How is life at Cavendish?

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chloe-eva-lynn inquired:

Ruby says hello! And so do I. :P

Hello to you too, doll. How are my girls?

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@divinedevin Loving life.

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Anonymous inquired:

Has anyone accidentally seen you naked?




Does it count if it was intentional on my part, but not on theirs? I don’t think all of the people in the hallway meant to, that one time…

This sounds good! What happened exactly?

A night of drinking with my bestie that ended in streaking. Someone reported us, but the punishment was worth it.


Yeah, someone.

Totally worth it. Good times.

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devin-hyland inquired:

PM: Well, dollface, how's life as a grown-up? And exactly when do I get to don these beautiful earrings for your big day? I need to make travel arrangements.


PM: Sooo much better than being a member of the student body. Oh! Sorry, we didn’t have time to do Save the Dates. September 20 is the big day. Your invitation is in the mail, it should be there any day now.

PM: I’m glad to hear things are going well for you, doll.  September 20. My how time flies. It will be good to be back and see everyone. You, specifically, obviously.  How is Mickey?

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Ruby says “Hiss!” I think she’s jealous.


She’ll get over it. How’re you, doll?

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Thanks Sam!  Hope you are doing well.

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So we may have acquired a sibling for Ruby.  Greetings from Greece.

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Private || Hello Cavendish.


Yes, Sir.


Good job. Watch yourself with this one, Nick. 

Unless you’re ready to move to Greece. Because I’m pretty sure Stefan would adopt you.

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You approve, madame?



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